Case Studies

Project Synopsis:

In 2021, we partnered with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland to create a patient portal, using our Tailored Talks technology. This allows patients to log into ‘MyTailoredTalks’ online or through the app, where they can access tailored information and links to further support.

The platform is currently being used to support people living with Long Covid in the wider Lothian area, in a digital integrated care pathway that connects the private, public and third sectors.



  • To provide a pathway of support, including digital information and advice via the MyTailoredTalks platform or app, and the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice Line.
  • To promote self-management in recovery from Long Covid.
  • To improve the well-being and quality of life for people living with Long Covid and their families.
  • To provide GPs with a point of referral for Long Covid patients. 


How it works:

Patients are onboarded to the pathway by their GP, at which point they will be guided through a short questionnaire within the patient portal, which will ask about their symptoms and concerns and be sent out once every three months. They will then be sent tailored information automatically that is based on their answers, and thus only be relevant to each individual. This proactive approach not only allows patients and GPs to track health trends, but also enables personalised information sharing based on individual symptoms and concerns, including information on physical symptoms, mental health issues and challenges like returning to work or financial hardships.

Patients are able to refer back to their information at any time, and also have the option to seek further support from the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice Line, which is accessible from the MyTailoredTalks portal and offers up to 12 weeks of support.

Tailored Talks Long COVID Digital Pathway


Pilot results

We carried out a mixed-methods evaluation following the pilot stage of the Long Covid pathway. Through interviews and a Retrospective Acceptability Questionnaire with a mixed population across sex and social deprivation scales, we found that patients:

  • Felt empowered to self-manage their symptoms.
  • Gained access to support quickly and easily.
  • Thought that information ‘Talks’ were clear, concise and uncomplicated.
  • Those who used the Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Advice Line felt ‘listened to’ and found advice to be useful.

We also found that referrals to the Chest Heart & Stroke Advice Line increased significantly in the Lothian area.

To date (April 2024):

The Long Covid Digital Pathway has provided indicators to suggest improved clinical outcomes for users. There is potential to better support patients in managing long-term conditions by creating effective digital referral pathways from primary care to third-sector support.

Patients value gaining the right information at the right time and having the opportunity to have a conversation with a trained professional about their condition.

NHS Lothian pilot and roll-out

Mixed population across sex and social deprivation scales​

“This pathway empowered people to make a successful transition after diagnosis towards self-management of Long Covid through effective and targeted self-management resources.

The combination of multimedia and telephone support will provide people in Lothian access to the most appropriate support for them”

GP involved in digital pathway pilot and roll-out

“I found the Tailored Talks helpful, it’s good to be able to refer back to the information. There’s no magic pill for Long Covid but I would definitely recommend the Tailored Talks programme”

Long Covid patient