Strategic partners

Pogo Digital Healthcare works in partnership with various organisations across Scotland and the UK, bringing a wealth of world-leading medical and med-tech expertise to our portfolio of products.

Pogo Digital Healthcare and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland have been collaborating since 2020 when Tailored Talks came into being. Clinicians responding to calls to the CHSS advice line have been providing patients with Tailored Talks since 2021.

More recently, CHSS has been a key partner in the development of MyTailoredTalks, our long-term condition management app. As the first 3rd sector organisation to take part in an integrated care pathway with NHS primary care, CHSS has contributed content on long covid to MyTailoredTalks, and provides up to 12 weeks of care and support to people living with long covid.

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The original prototype of Tailored Talks was developed by a leading stroke physician at the University of Edinburgh. Tailored Talks enables clinicians to share personalised medical information with patients, reducing the volume but increasing the relevance of the information shared.

More recently, Pogo and the University of Edinburgh have been partnering on the design and build of Care Calendar, our new ward management product. Care Calendar is due to undergo clinical trials in NHS Borders in autumn 2023.

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NHS Lothian partnered with Pogo Digital Healthcare on the creation of Tailored Talks, our personalised information sharing platform. Co-created by a leading NHS Lothian stroke physician and Pogo, Tailored Talks enables clinicians to share personalised information with stroke, neurology, covid and long covid patients.

NHS Lothian have built up a comprehensive library of detailed content for Tailored Talks, and have partnered with Pogo again on MyTailoredTalks, our long term condition management app which is currently supporting people living with long covid in NHS Lothian.

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Other Partners