Yorkshire & Humber Propel

In September, Pogo Digital Healthcare was selected as one of eleven organisations to take part in this years’ Yorkshire and Humber Propel programme.

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The programme provided support, guidance and advice to the innovators through a series of masterclasses, with opportunities for one-to-one mentoring still to come alongside a pitching and networking day.

Read on for Managing Director Jack Francis’ experiences with the programme so far:


  1. Can you give an overview of the programme and what it involved?

Over the last several weeks and months I’ve been travelling up and down to Leeds to attend the Yorkshire & Humber Propel programme. The programme is a digital accelerator for health innovation at a range of different stages – from PhD projects to established organisations – and helps them to understand the healthcare landscape in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The programme provides help with identifying areas for growth, evaluating and marketing our innovations, as well as one-to-one mentoring and guidance.


  1. What were the key highlights from the programme?

The teaching elements have been great, we have the last one coming up which I’m looking forward to, and then we’ll be on to the one-to-one. The main highlight for me has been the people, it’s been great to meet everyone else in the cohort and we’ve had some brilliant advisors leading the teaching sessions.


  1. Were there any potential collaboration opportunities that emerged for Pogo?

Potentially! We’re still in the early stages, but the nexus hub has been great for providing support, and is able to give us a hand in applying for grants. Nexus has created a community for innovators which is a great network to be able to tap in to.


  1. What valuable lessons or insights did you gain from interacting with other innovators during the programme?

It’s always great to meet people working in different areas of digital health; the propel programme has taken on a good mix of innovators. I think the main benefit of this is being able to draw on the wealth of experiences and learn from people’s different specialisations and backgrounds.


  1. What are your future goals for working within Yorkshire and Humber?

Id like to identify specific projects within the AHSNs (not called this any more) to identify a tangle project. Using all the information we have learned to scope and run a successful pilot in Yorkshire and Humber.

I’d like to keep working to identify specific projects and opportunities within Health Innovation Yorkshire and Humber, and hopefully put all my learnings into practice to scope and run a successful pilot in the area.


Find out more about the Yorkshire and Humber Propel programme: https://www.propel-yh.com