World Blood Donor Day 2023

World Blood Donor Day serves as a platform to highlight the vital role of blood donors in healthcare systems worldwide.

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Today is an annual occasion to honour blood donors and create awareness about the ongoing need for safe blood supplies. We spoke to our amazingly brave Marketing and Accounts Executive on her recent experience donating blood for the first time:

1. Kate, yesterday was such a nice sunny evening, why instead of sitting outside did you decide to give blood?

Well, I was writing a blog about blood donation for work, and it felt very hypocritical encouraging other people to donate when I’ve never done it myself, so I thought I would give it a go.

2. Was this something that you’d done before?

I’ve tried to go before, but they were never able to find a vein big enough to do it. I recommend drinking a lot of water beforehand, which makes the veins easier to find.

3. Can you talk us through the experience, was it really as scary as it sounds?

Not at all – I’m not really a big fan of needles (who is?) but other that the experience was completely fine. Everyone is very friendly, you just go in and have a chat while you're donating, and then when you leave they give you juice and biscuits. And stickers. There's nothing to be scared about, it doesn't hurt. 

4. Why would you encourage others to do the same?

 I remember there was a blood shortage in England last year, I think for the first time ever, and that seemed scary to me. Blood is a critical resource that helps treat patients with a variety of conditions, many of which are life-threatening. Donating blood is a very easy thing you can do to contribute back to society and keep the NHS functioning.

There is also the added bonus of finding out what blood type you are, which can be helpful if you are ever in an emergency situation.

5. Who would you nominate from the Pogo team to give blood next?

I reckon Jack Francis is a good candidate – leading by example and all that. Maybe a group blood drive could be our next team social!

Getting involved:

  1. Donate blood! If you are eligible to do so, consider becoming a donor. Get in contact with your local blood bank or hospital to find out how you can contribute.
  2. Volunteer: participate in blood donation drives or volunteer at blood banks and hospitals.
  3. Share your story: if you have been personally impacted by blood donation, share your story and encourage the people in your life to give blood.