Oracle Project Launch

We are excited to share news of the Oracle Project Launch, a collaboration between Pogo Digital Healthcare and The University of Edinburgh.

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This week, we are delighted to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new project that leverages our digital platform, Tailored Talks, to assess cardiovascular risk in individuals with new onset angina. Led by Dr. Michael McDermott of The University of Edinburgh, this project represents a significant advancement in the feasibility of evaluating patients in a safe and timely manner.

The Oracle Project aims to revolutionise how cardiovascular risk is assessed by combining the Tailored Talks digital health tool with point-of-care blood testing. Tailored Talks will provide patients with a digital health questionnaire, allowing for precise risk stratification based on individual responses.

Dr. Michael McDermott, Project Lead and Cardiology Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh, commented on the project’s objectives:

“ORACLE is a new and innovative study, designed to determine the feasibility of assessing patients with new onset of angina in a safe and timely manner, combining digital health tools with point of care blood testing. With this strategy we aim to provide accurate cardiovascular risk stratification for all individuals referred to the rapid access chest pain clinic, that for many patients will begin at home and can be delivered in a community setting".

Jack Francis, Managing Director at Pogo Digital Healthcare (creators of Tailored Talks) expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration:

“I am delighted to see our technology supporting this project, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian. It is great to watch our product deliver benefit to patients and clinical organisations alike, and I am excited to continue expanding into other long-term conditions”.

 The potential for digital tools like Tailored Talks to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes is vast. This project epitomises the innovative spirit and commitment to excellence that drives our mission at Pogo Digital Healthcare. Enabling early and accurate cardiovascular risk assessment has the potential to improve patient care and outcomes.

About Pogo Digital Healthcare  

Pogo Digital Healthcare creates digital health solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare delivery. Our flagship platform, Tailored Talks, empowers healthcare providers to delivery personalised care through intuitive digital tools and data-driven insights.

About The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s leading research universities, renowned for its innovative contributions to medical science and healthcare. With a commitment to excellence and a history of pioneering research, the University continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and impact global health.