Long COVID Pilot Results

In light of the recent publication of our White Paper , we wanted to share the latest results of the pilot for our product, MyTailoredTalks.

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MyTailoredTalks is an app that focuses on supporting people suffering from Long COVID. It features a self-assessment questionnaire, which upon completion generates tailored information to support each individual patient. The content may include information about common symptoms including fatigue, breathlessness, and difficulty concentrating, as well as advice more catered to issues such as getting back to work and coping financially.

The platform also offers a symptom tracker, and a link to the Advice Line provided by Chest Heart & Stroke specialist nurses. MyTailoredTalks offers support where there previously was none, and allows people suffering from Long COVID to feel heard, understood and supported throughout their experience.

The recent feedback we received following the pilot demonstrates the success of the programme. When asked about attitudes and perceived effectiveness of the programme, the vast majority of patients answered positively. See quotes from the patient feedback below:

“It felt very supportive to speak to someone from CHSS and know that someone understood and was sympathetic to what I was going through. Having this service is a must for people in my situation. We all need that support.” – Chloe, 26

“I felt very lucky to be accepted on to the pilot programme, and I feel it had made a difference to me. The guy I spoke to at CHSS reassured me I was doing the right thing in managing my symptoms and gave me good advice about putting things into practice, which isn’t always easy to do.” – Mark, 52

“I got great help, especially learning the breathing exercises and how to use my lungs properly. I’d recommend the service to anyone. In fact, my neighbour had COVID, and I told her all about it, about the breathing and how to plan your day”. – Catherine, 67

The majority of people living with Long COVID are female, aged 35-69, living in deprived areas, have pre-existing health conditions, or work in health and social care. Despite this, anyone can suffer from Long COVID, with varying levels of extremity. For some the condition is a mild inhibition; for others it is completely debilitating. It is important to find a solution that supports all levels of Long COVID, and helps people to return to their normal lives.

For more information about the pilot and Long COVID, please read our White Paper.