Half year catch up with our Managing Director

2023 is flying by at Pogo Digital Healthcare, so we spoke to Managing Director Jack Francis to take a look back at the first six months. 

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1. What has been the highlight for the company in the first half of 2023?

I think getting the data back from our long covid pilot and showing a significant improvement to patient conditions, it’s nice knowing that something we built is actually helping patients and so far we’ve had great feedback from both patients and charities. It also shows that our product would be useful across conditions which is fantastic.  

2. What have been the most challenging parts?

Hmm. I’m beginning to understand all the complexities of working with the NHS and trying to manage that. From a personal point of view it’s been trying to manage cashflow and making sure all the projects we have are running smoothly, and that we hit our targets with them.

3. What’s your biggest learning experience in the last 6 months?

I think it’s becoming clearer to me that every condition has a load of nuance on how to treat patients and how patients will travel through our systems. It differs between stroke, long covid etc, so our product has to able to adapt to each condition. I’ve also learned that Scotland needs a national information governance process to make my life easier.

4. What are you looking forward to in the rest of the year?

I’m hoping to close this fund-raising round in the next few months and getting that funding will allow us to hit our objectives in the year – moving into England and rolling out across Scotland.

I’m also going to Munich in September which I’m looking forward to.

5. What would be your ideal team activity with the Pogo team?

Go-carting! I thought we could go for Pogo’s birthday. There would be a drag race between Jack Fisher and me.