Action on Stroke Month 2023

As May comes to an end, so does Action on Stroke Month.

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Every year in the UK, 100,000 people have a stroke. There a currently 1.3 million stroke survivors in the country, and they all deserve support and care as they enter into the recovery stage of the condition. No two strokes are the same, and it is important that people receive information and advice that is tailored to them. Our product Tailored Talks provides personalised information to people recovering from a stroke, to aid their rehabilitation. We focus on giving less information, not more, so as to avoid overwhelming patients.

We know that experiencing a stroke can be an incredibly difficult and scary time, both for patients and their families. Post-stroke recovery involves a lot of adjustment and change, which can be frustrating and challenging. The information we provide aids stroke patients in managing their symptoms, coming to terms with their condition and building understanding. We also cover areas including lifestyle changes, relationship management and returning to hobbies and leisure activities after a stroke, as well as all medical information relating to stroke and neurological conditions.

Read some of the feedback from the inspiring people we have worked with so far, including patients, families and clinicians:

“I love it, I love the pictures and everything – I thought they were really clear and helpful”  (Stroke patient)

What a wonderful resource – I feel so privileged to have been asked to help out with this work. It will be a fabulous help to people”   (Helen Bulbeck, Brain Trust UK)

“Hopefully Tailored Talks will become the gold standard for interactions between patients and carers and health care professionals in the future” (Carer of stroke patient)

Tailored Talks was created in partnership with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and NHS Lothian, to make sure that everyone has a life after stroke.

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