This mobile application enables patients to receive the right information (in the form of a Tailored Talk) at the right time, forming part of an end-to-end pathway for long COVID management; underpinning the first pathway to integrate primary care with 3rd sector support.

"As a GP and someone living with Long Covid this new digital system will be hugely beneficial to patients and primary care. It’s a big breakthrough in integrated care. It gives patients direct access to support to help manage their condition."

Dr Amy Small, NHS Lothian

Since summer 2021, we have been working closely with our key partners and the Digital Health and Care Institute, to design a new digital pathway for people suffering from Long COVID. Lack of clarity and communication is reported as the biggest problem for people suffering from Long COVID, so the app we built needed to provide them with tailored and relevant information.  


Patients are onboarded to the app by their GP, and will be prompted to answer a series of questions on their long COVID symptoms. Based on their responses to these questions, they will be offered bespoke content through the Tailored Talks platform, ensuring they are given relevant guidance to help manage their Long COVID symptoms. Patients are also able to request a call back from Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. 

NHS Lothian and Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland are able to view patients on a clinical dashboard, seeing their answers to their questionaries, the Tailored Talks they have been sent, and any patients who have requested a call back. The clinicians who have onboarded the patients are sent a PDF summary of this information, effectively ‘closing the loop; of the pathway.

Download the MyTailoredTalks Case Study


Watch Dr Amy Small as she explains how MyTailoredTalks mobile app. will benefit people living with long COVID

For Clinicians

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive system.
  • High quality medical information.
  • Create prescription information for patients.

For Patients

  • Receive only information that relates to your specific condition.
  • Share information about your condition easily with family or carers.
  • View your information on a smartphone or device for ease of reference.


  • Comprehensive slide library of medical information.
  • Information created and reviewed by clinicians in NHS Scotland.
  • Build and share your own personalised patient presentations.