Innovations in Digital Healthcare

Technology within healthcare is more important now, than ever before.

Technology within healthcare is more important now, than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the power technology has to streamline and simplify tasks within a medical setting, whether that was doctors video calling patients, or nurses making easily shareable, digital patient notes while on the ward. Thus, correct and proper technological foundations are key to upholding and maintaining this new digital era of healthcare.


The NHS has been taking steps to revolutionise technology within a medical setting. Over 28 million people now have the NHS App and over 40 million have an NHS Login. However, the NHS often finds support and resource from private companies which specialise in technology, or more specifically, medical technology, who wish to lend their expertise to improve the lives of those under the NHS’s care. With this sector growing incredibly quickly, it is important to look at some of the biggest industry players to see the role they have within the sector.



This is a clinically proven Digital Therapeutics application which makes use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to assist in the delivery of health information to young patients. The application was developed to reduce the anxiety children feel around hospitalisation, and to allow them to take part in learning when absent from education. Xploro is currently being trialled with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and has great potential to improve young patients’ hospital stays.


Dr Julian

This is a B2C app which offers therapy sessions with fully vetted counsellors and psychologists on a pay as you go basis, in which customers can make use of filters to find the most suitable professional for their needs. There are therapists available for 27 different mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. Dr Julian is utilised by a range of NHS mental health trusts, working to improve the mental health of patients across the country, while also reducing the pressure felt by NHS boards.  



A first of its kind, Cera delivers at-home nursing, repeat prescriptions and telemedicine services to pensioners, over the phone or through its website. Cera works to improve the lives of pensioners across the country by simplifying the medical processes they interact with. The company already partners with the NHS and many local authorities, to bring their service to towns and cities across the UK.



A Pogo Digital Healthcare product, MyTailoredTalks is a mobile application which enables patients to receive relevant and tailored information about their care and treatment through a slick, digital slide deck. Although the app is suitable for a range of medical issues, it is having a great impact those suffering with Long Covid. Through the app, patients now have the capability to refer themselves directly to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland’s Long Covid resources and services, providing them with information they require for their recovery and management. The app was developed in partnership with Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, and NHS Lothian, and is currently being piloted in NHS Lothian.



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Pogo Digital Health shortlisted

Our long term condition management app MyTailoredTalks has been shortlisted for Best Use of Technology in Healthcare award at the Herald Digital Transformation awards 2022.

Long Covid App hits 100

A milestone has been reached for Pogo Digital Healthcare's long term condition management app.

"Smart pills" to replace endoscopy?

Scottish health researchers are at the forefront of a new £6m project to make Artificial Intelligence-assisted capsule endoscopy a part of future bowel cancer diagnostics.

Here come the health drones

Plans are afoot (or perhaps up in the air) in Scotland for the UK's first medical distribution network using drones.

Jack Francis speaks at NHS conference

Jack Francis spoke at the NHS Scotland Event 2022 at the P&J live exhibition centre in Aberdeen.

More press for Pogo Digital Healthcare

Pogo Studio have been featured in The Scotsman, covering updates on our work with NHS Lothian.

Health Technology Wales open for submissions

Health Technology Wales is looking for submissions to their digital open topic call.

Innovations in Digital Healthcare

Technology within healthcare is more important now, than ever before.

Pogo Digital Healthcare in the news

Our mobile app MyTailoredTalks, developed in partnership with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland has recently been piloted within NHS Lothian.

MyTailoredTalks pilot showing results

The ongoing pilot of MyTailoredTalks for long covid support in NHS Lothian is gathering pace.